The mixing stage has an enormous impact on the way your song will be interpreted. While there is no substitute for a dynamic, exciting musical performance, a good mix can enhance every aspect of that performance so that the final result truly makes your song stand out.

The final mix will let you hear and discern all the separate elements with detail. It will add sonic depth, width, and clarity enhancing the overall picture and feel of your song.

Whether you recorded your music at home on modest equipment, or in a professional studio setting, my goal is to make your recorded tracks sound their absolute best, meticulously balanced, impactful, translatable to all listening environments, and most importantly, complementary to your song.

To me, a good mix exceeds your musical vision. I let your music dictate the choice of levels, processing, and effects so that the true emotional message of the song is conveyed to the listener in the best possible way.


Mastering is the final touch after the recording and mixing process. It is used to “polish” and otherwise enhances your mix to obtain their fullest optimum potential and give them that competitive edge that artists and record labels depend on in a demanding music market. It makes your mix clearer, punchier, and more defined giving “warmth” and “air” to your sound.

I offer the highest-end digital and analog processors to master your material without the risk of sonic degradation. Whether your recording needs a lot of attention or just a few tweaks, you can be assured it’s going to get the final touches it needs and deserves.

“I want you to Succeed!! If you win, I win”.




• Lets work together and take your music to the next level •

Credits on; Mixing, Mastering, Production, or Recording.


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Recording, Mix, Mastering & Production.







Mix & Mastering



As a sound engineer and music lover, I’m always more than happy to work across genres. My approach to mixing vary in depends on the music style and the needs for the track, taking advantage of the Digital and the Analog domains to deliver the best outcome possible for your music.

Some of the task I will perform:

  • Track cleaning
  • Balancing each individual track’s volume
  • Separation of each musical element
  • Spatial placement of instruments
  • Adding effects to enhance the sound
  • Volume, pan, effects, and master bus automation
  • Stereo or mono bounce of final mix


Get In touch, I’m always happy to hear your needs and make a personal and dedicated quote for your project.

• Turnaround is around 7 working days, depend on the complexity of the mix.

• I’ll take half of the payment upfront and half on completion.

• Infinite reviews until you be 100% happy.


Once you have your final stereo mix ready, it will need the last processing and adjustments for it to translate across a large number of different systems; from laptops and headphones to radios or big clubs sound systems.

I will give you precious feedback on your mix before we start with the mastering session, this way you can review your mix and get the most of it.

  • Basic for digital distribution.
    • 1 x £45
    • 2 x £80
    • 3 x £115
    • 4 x £150
    • 5 x £185
    • 6 x £220
  • (Over 6 songs add £30 per extra track)
  • (add £10 per extra track on the above price list if do you need to embed metadata or a master for vinyl)
  • Don’t hesitate to contact me and tell me about your needs and project for a better-personalized quote.

Gavin Holligan, Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer.

“Jimmie is a fine talent, who is 100% trustworthy with sonics, well organized and totally cool to work with… Highly recommended in my book!”

Vina Rose, Singer-Songwriter

“I absolutely loved working with Jimmie in such a friendly and warm studio environment.

His professionalism, kindness, patience, and attention to detail made a massive difference, and I highly recommend to any artist to go and work with him!

You’ll be amazed by the outcome!”

Vina Web

Elena Flury, Singer-Songwriter.

Recording with Jimmie was a great experience! He knows what he is doing and never fails to give 110% until you are fully happy with the result. He is hard-working, professional, patient, friendly and easy to work with. Definitely recommend!”  


Adriana Daza, Producer.

“Working with Jimmie on the Latin American project has been an absolute pleasure. He brought professionalism and skills to the mixing stage of our tracks improving them and taking them to a higher level. Awesome communication.  Highly recommended! ”  


Ian Carmichael, Producer & Sound Engineer

“Jimmie was great to work with; an engineer who is quick and able, and knows how to get the job done. A pleasure to work with him”


Jimmie Dub is a talented, London-based, Producer, mixing and mastering engineer. His creativity and hard work behind the desk have established him firmly within the music industry, allowing him to work alongside renowned artists and producers, such as Gavin Hooligan, Luke Smith, Javier “Peke” Rodriguez, Vina Rose, or Elena Flury.


Specializing in Reggae Dub and Bass music, Jimmie has extensive knowledge of Reggae, UK bass music, or Modern Urban sounds. His love of music and strong involvement within London’s music scene has provided him with the necessary appreciation and understanding needed to Mix and Master music across a vast number of genres, including soul, jazz, or hip hop.


Graduating from Camden Town’s School of Sound Recording (SSR – Lancashire UCLan University) with 1st class honors in Sound Engineering and Music Production, Jimmie is an incredibly hard-working individual with exceptional attention to detail. He holds his work to a high standard and will always deliver his best performance when working on your project. 


I am here to provide a fresh trained pair of ears to your track. By establishing the meaning behind your song, the emotional message, your influences, and your aims for the track, My creativity and expertise will push your music to a higher professional level, resulting in rich, wide, high-quality recordings, mixes, or masters.  


Get in touch today to find out how I can improve your music and help you reach your goals.

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